Piel Mia Skin Studio
Piel Mia Skin Care and Therapy Studio, 778-995-4667
Upstairs @
4262 Main Street,
Vancouver, BC V5V3P9
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Piel Mia will be closed for vacation time between March 19th until March 27th 2019.
We're an top notch, up dated studio for esthetics, located within a hustling salon "Beaute." We offer a classy, chic environment and we go "all-out" to pamper and provide you results.

Our services include *facials, *nails, *pedicures, *waxing, *tinting, *diamond dermabrasion, and *oxygeneo. Our *anti-aging therapy is popular and enables you to look and feel younger. Enjoy your look, your complexion and your glow!

A licensed esthetician is committed to bring out your healthiest sheen. Its your image, your "feel-good" sense, and we take that very seriously.

For today and tomorrow, achieve the results you desire. Contact Maria at (778)995-4667.
Upstairs @ 4262 Main Street, Vancouver BC V5V3P9, or call 778-995-4667